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Internet TV router interference?


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I live in Korea and have/had exceptionally high d/l AND u/l speeds.

µTorrent worked great, at least until we had internet TV installed 2 weeks ago. They provided a router ("Broadband Router" is the only name I can find on it) and now ALL my 'net traffic must go through it - no way to bypass it so far. Working, forwarded ports are being killed. Sometimes it will run for 5 minutes, sometimes 5 hours before the port gets blocked/interfered with (I get the yellow triangle and no new peers). I need to forward new ports 5-10 times a day.

In addition, and the biggest problem, is that it is also killing my speed. Disregarding occasional surges, I am limited to under 200 kb/s DL (previous dl speeds easily reached up to 2.8 MB/s). But my upload seems unlimited - but only while DL at the same time. Seeding is almost impossible. Connectivity to peers is lacking severely.

I have tried every possible combination of settings I can think of. Any ideas ? The company technicians know less than I do. As I said, it all worked great before the internet TV installation.

Home computer - P4 2.4 XP Pro

Windows firewall off

McAfee firewall running and not seeming to be the problem

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