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Can't seed (network problem?)


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I have problem accepting incoming Torrent connection. Here's my configuration:

- Connection type: dial-up

- Gateway IP: 172.x.x.x (dynamic)

- Firewall: disabled

- Proxy: none

- uTorrent version: 1.6

- Torrent port: 18768

Incoming connections seem to be blocked, I just don't know who does it.

As I notice the connection status is a yellow triangle, I click it and test the port.

The weird thing is, the test web page detects my IP as 202.x.x.x rather than 172.x.x.x.

I'm not a network expert but as far as I know, the IP whould have been 202.x.x.x.

Anyway, how can I get it to work? To accept incoming Torrent connection, I mean.

Thank you in advance.


Jaelani C. Utomo

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>So the port checker shows the port to be unforwarded?

I'm not sure what you mean by unforwarded.

If I'm not mistaken, the port checker basically tries to connect to the IP address based from the source of the web request and the given port number.

Here's the output snippet:

Checking port 18768 on 202.x.x.x...

Error! Port 18768 does not appear to be open.

My dial-up default gateway IP is 172.x.x.x, but the port checker checks the 202.x.x.x (shouldn't it be 172.x.x.x rather than 202.x.x.x?).

Does that have something to do with my uTorrent can't accept incomming connection?

BTW, I checked that only my gateway IP that is dynamic address. The 202.x.x.x seems static every time I connect to the internet.

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The port checker checks your internet ip (the 202.x.x.x one). If you've port forwarded correctly, its check packets get forwarded through your LAN to your computer and back out again. If not, it cannot "find" your computer and says you're firewalled.

Is the gateway more specifically in the 172.16-31.x.x range? If so, that's a LAN range. It MUST be port forwarded to not be firewalled in µTorrent.

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