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Concerning the "planned" mac version

Ultima, i have been keeping an eye out on uTorrent for a really long time now... (has it been two years or three??? dont remember anymore). anyway.. for what seems like a life-time we keep on hearing "its planned" (errr. aside from the one or two early attempts).

If it is at all possible... can a roadmap be made public? Or is it just a back burner? It truly is the one area of software that does not seem to have any traction in the market place for the mac.... and uTorrent (especially in its current position) can really make a huge impact...

I also do not understand how it can be so tramatic to make a port unless the code base is sewn in heavily with MS technologies -- God forbid if you use MFC? But I am just a PM and have not been in development trenches in such a long time... who am I to say... you guys despise us anyway ;-)

honestly... we love ya guys.. and really hope the best. :-)

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A bit over a year and a half, actually :P

vurlix was originally going to work on the OS X port. That never came through, as it was too difficult a project. After vurlix sorta left the team, ludde was the only person left, but he couldn't port to Mac on his own, so the port was put on hiatus, and rightfully so, as he had other problems to worry about, and not much time to go through the tedious work of porting (and it's a LOT of work).

Now that BitTorrent Inc acquired µTorrent, they have a LOT more resources available at their disposal for making the port. A developer has said that within the next year, there'd be an official port (or at least in beta form), but don't take my word for it, and it's not necessarily a promise either (though I'm more convinced that this plan will follow through than previous plans because of the developers at their disposal :P).

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