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Need help SOON!


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Well, i used to download all the time and get good speeds. I stopped for about 5 months and didnt fool with utorrent since today. Well when i started to download it i got nothing. No seeds, no peers, the arrow next to the torrent was red. Ansd the bottom where there is normally a circle with a check in it that is either green yellow or red or w/e, now it says

"DHT: 0 Nodes (Login)."

Never had this problem. I checked all my ports, they all seem to be the same, updated the firmware on my linkysys. Did the speed guide, and created a static ip. I also tried downloading that thing in the speed help topic like the microsoft shit, but it sasid the same thing the turbo tax torrent said. Please if any one knows whats up, help would be much appreciated. Thansk.

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