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utorrent eating mem/ram 800,000K


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Alright, i know other have had issues but i've seen no screen shots with this amount of usage... I'm only running IE NOTHING else. It normally happens when i'm d/ling. My mem usage just keeps climbing and my commit charge continues to rise until it maxes out and utorrent crashes. It happens when I constant d/l and the mem usage of utorrent just climbs and climbs. as you can see all other torrents are paused and one is d/ling at 2.0MB/s. any help or ideas very much appreciated!!!



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I've looked around and can't find a list of incompatible chipset drivers. Could you link me to where they are?

There are as many as 4 users logged on to it under different ips. Running different instances of utorrent.

Also, I download a file very fast then it sits at 99.9 until the Commit Charge drops all the way back down to its "normal" state. Then it starts seeding.

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Transfer mode is ultra dma mode 5.

disk cache settings:

advanced cache settings:

override automatic cache size not checked

Reduce mem usage when chache not needed checked.

enable caching of disk writes not checked...there for the 2 options below are grayed out.

enable caching of disk reads...checked along with 3 options below checked.

My memory spike problem is only when i write to the disk. I can upload at the same speed i d/l and there is no issue with the memory when reading from the disk.

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