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Comfirm my problem


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from http://www.physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/binary.html

one kibibit 1 Kibit = 1024 bit

one kilobit 1 kbit = 1000 bit

ie a 24 bit rounding error

1 kib = 8192 bit

1 kb = 8000 bit

however that still does help me understand what that's got to do with a download speed of 100kb/s (as reported by uTorrent) reading as a speed of 800Kbps (from the speed test you recommend) or Upload speed of 20kb/s reading as 150kbs.

it your right and 100:20 is my real speed doesn't that imply the speed test has an 800% margin of error to it for it to return 800:150?

I'm not saying your wrong but i don't understand how you reached the conclusion, please explain.

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