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Slow speed problem again


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I use windows xp, isp is ntl 2MB and use ethernet connection, norton internet security.

Did a speed test with results: Down - 1801kbps Up - 184

DHT nodes of 290 - green light, D:0.6k U:19.7k

Nothing seems to download as the eta is showing the infinity symbol. Seeding seems to be limited to one. Got no idea what i have done to the settings to make it go so slow.

*On speed guide settings the connection has been set at xx/384k rather than 2MB

Upload limit:35kb/s upload slots: 4

connection per torrent: 80 connections globally 230

max active torrents: 3 max active downloads: 2

* preferences

upnp port mapping is enabled

Yeah, what can i do to rectify?

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I don't think NTL (now virginmedia) throttles, but i am a bit miffed that i cannot sort out the problem. Would hope that someone can help. Have looked at the forum but don't really understand the jargon that is spoken. Now looking at my Download speed of:0.1 and up:5.5. Good eh!

I've looked at the logger and that says 'unable to map upnp port'. i have tried disabling norton and that had no effect either.

I hope someone can help please


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I think I'm having a similar problem. Seeds are limited to 0(1) or 1(1) and my logger says that it's "Unable to map UPnP Port."

My Down Speed sometimes starts off at 50-200kB/s then drops quickly to 0.0 kB/s and stays there.

I have been trying everything I can think of to fix this, but so far no luck.

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I'm On rogers cable.. And ive been having the same problem with Unable to map UPnP Port." ... Im forewording my ports correctly still same problem i dont have norton i made sure windows firewall was not running . I made sure exceptions was working ...I even put on dmz. still having the problem..

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