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tracker status: offline???


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i'm having a problem with uTorrent...everything i have on it, i have tracker status Offline...and these are all different trackers from various...any help?...i have'nt changed anything and it was good up until this morning...thank youy

and also, as a side question, does anyone know why i lagged in using firefox or IE when uTorrent is running?...i mean surfing is tremendously slow...thanks

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definitley appreciate your help...i've tried four things

-disable upnp

-disable dht

-lower global downloads

-changed net.max_halfopen to 4

uTorrent is working now, so thank you...but i just wanted to see if changing those default settings will do anything to my software, since i've never altered it before...and just wanted to see what i really did by changing those settings...and why i had to do that in the first place...guess i want to find out the source of problem, why changes were made and what does the changes really mean besides just correcting it...thank you for your time...

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