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uTorrent help! I'm new and I have no idea!


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Hey everyone

I need help downloading files from torrentreactor.net

I used to be able to successfully download files from utorrent and it was all good. Until I found Bittorrent.

After I installed Bittorrent, I realised it wasnt for me, and the download speeds were much slower than utorrents. So, as I would I tried to use utorrent again. Nope. I unistalled bittorrent. Nope. Uninstalled utorrent then re-installed. Nope.

Ever since I downloaded bittorent I have been unable to download torrents using utorrent, even though bittorent is wiped off the computer.

When I try to download it comes up with a message with an "X" saying the folder where the file is trying to be opened to or saved or whatever. Followed by "Invalid Menu Handle"

I have been very frustrated and I want to know how to use JUST utorrent!

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