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µT kills my wireless (WPN824, Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG)


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I have a Dell notebook with an Intel PRO 3945ABG wireless mini-PCI card. My router is a Netgear WPN824 RangeMax linked up to 100 MBit fibreLAN.

I have no issues whatsoever with running µT over *wired* connection to this router, even though it's a known problem router when it comes to P2P stuff. It runs, well, forever.

Nor do I have any issues with the wireless connection (as long as I avoid starting up µTorrent). It, too, runs forever.

When I do try µTorrent over wireless, it typically works for 2-3 minutes, then I see the ul/dl rates rapidly drop to 0.0/0.0. Once this happens I can no longer do anything internet-related. The wireless connection as such is still alive, but it just sits there. It's the actual TCP connection that dies. Sometimes I can resolve it by using the Diagnose & Repair command in Windows, but more often the WPN824 is hung and I have to reboot it. I can even see that one or two of those stupid little blue LED:s on the router (they're supposed to represent the eight antennae, I think) have stopped blinking (which is their normal behavior), instead they're lit permanently.

This did not happen with my old notebook which had an earlier Intel mini-PCI card, the PRO 2200AG. So I tried shutting down the PRO 3945 adapter and instead plugged in a Netgear WG111T (108 mbps) USB adapter, but it behaves exactly like the 3945. 2-3 minutes of µT then *choke* *gasp* *asphyxiation*.

WPN824 V1 is dead as far as Netgear is concerned, the last firmware update is the definitive one. The Intel 3945 gets a driver update every other week, but after a dozen or so I realized the problem isn't going anywhere.

What else, umm... I've configured the firewalls and port forwarding properly, greenlighted by µT. uPNP is off. I'm running Vista 32 (kind of irrelevant since this problem was with me in XP SP2 as well).

Question 1: Any ideas?

Question 2: I'm thinking of getting Netgear's new Gigabit router RangeMax NEXT. Is this a bad idea (seeing as Netgear seems to be the #1 problem brand when it comes to torrents, Azureus etc) or did they get it right this time?

Edit (update): It seems I was partially wrong about the WG111T adapter. µT still does kill its TCP connection frequently, but at least the connection self-repairs every time, unlike with the PRO 3945 which makes the WPN824 hang completely.

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