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Issue with DL and UL speed See-Saw Effect


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Hey All,

I definitely see a pattern of high DL speeds knocking down UL speeds and opposite.

Was running a torrent and had DL of 100-150KB with only 10-20KB UL but as soon as DL finished UL went right to 60-80KB. And the visa-versa has happened.

This is has nothing to do with slots, connection speed or min/max settings. Have used the same settings with all clients and could have a total 900KB DL and 100KB UL simultaneously.

Something to look at!

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I would still suspect your settings, particularly the max number of connections and connections per torrent. When you finish a download more connections would become available for upload and if those were limited in the first place it would explain the additional burst.

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Q/A these settings to see if something is amiss. TIA

Unknown Max DL rate (seen it as high as 1000)

Max UL 128

Glbl Max Upload rate - 100

Use Alt not checked

Glbl Max Down - 0 (unlimited)

Glbl Max Conn - 500

Max Conn per Torrent - 100

Max Upload Slot per Torrent - 40

Use Additional is check

Max Active U or D - 20

Max Number D - 20

Enable Scrape checked

PreAlloc checked

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Ok, I don't think this would generate the effect your observing but it doesn't look good to me. You've got possibly 20 downloads going on at the same time and each could get as many as 100 connections. That's 2000 total and you've limited them to 500. You've set yourself for a potential bottleneck.

And 20 total torrents downloading simultaneously seems just too much for me. If you've left advanced settings at default you're not counting slow torrents. So the actual number could be even higher further impacting your number of available connections.

On a different note, I suspect uTorrent doesn't deal too well with many simultaneous torrents. At least not as well as other clients (ABC, for example). I haven't reached a conclusion but my hunch is that the more torrents are active the more oscilation in up speeds you get. I get oscilation in up speeds (my max active is set to 5) with uTorrent and don't see that with other clients.

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Hey Slayers,

Thanks for responding.

Your right I missed that calc...changed but not a factor based on activity.

Never have more than 3-4 torrents DLing at time.

May have as many as 8 seeding though.

re: uTorrent doesn't deal too well with many simultaneous torrents

Yeah I think that is obvious. Was gonna try multi random ports option but FWDing issues.

Of all the clients I have never tried ABC. Worth a look???


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ABC has been around for a long time so it's code has been optimized a great deal. It's very basic compared to others but gets the job done well. uTorrent is far superior in terms of features and the GUI is much more elaborate. Performance-wise is a tough call (and hard to establish anyway), but I would have to say it's behind (but only by a small margin). Be we haven't seen the last from uT and development in ABC is at a much much much slower pace.

If it's worth it? Hey, it's free so there is no cost at all. :lol:

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Dear lord... You seed 8 torrents with 40 upload slots and only 128K of bandwidth? Your peers are probably getting like .1K/s. :o

For best performance you need to ensure at least 2K/s of upload bandwidth per peer connection.

Recommended settings for your upload rate are:

6-8 upload slots per torrent

3-4 active torrents

300 connections per torrent

1000 total connections

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