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Today I received a Notice of Copyright Infringement but...


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Today I received a notice of copyright infringement from my provider stating that I transmitted material that infringes the copyrights of a complainant's members. The program that I had downloaded via utorrent was software I all ready had a valid serial and license to use. The reason I was downloading it was I had miss placed my installation CDs and the only other option was to download it off the web. I have the serial insert that came with the software /hardware bundle as well as my email address has all ready been registered to the valid serial. Since I own a valid serial that came with the product doesn't that exempt me from copyright infringement? I was forced to fill out an online form that made me agree to delete the content which I did and am now going to have to contact the company in order to get those installation CDs all because of this nonsense. I guess my question to you guys are:

Can I fight back against this as I have a valid serial for the product that I had downloaded? I have the serial insert, instruction booklet, and the hardware it came with.

How exactly did they catch on to this? Does the ISP do check or was it someone else that was one of the peers? I read something about poisoning on here but I'm not exactly sure what that means.

Is there a way to reduce my chances of this happening again? I enabled protocol encryption as well as turned on ipfilter. If there are any other methods I would love to hear them.

Thanks for any help given.

Edit: BayTSP is the third party company that is seems the manufacture of the software had hired to track this.

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