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µTorrent 1.6.1 released


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I dont understand... What the big problem is if uTorrent is making money let them more power to them... Just get my Downloads back to 800 kbps instead of this filtered packet crap that im getting now 30kbps useing rogers.

Personally if i could make a buck id do it.But at the same time just make sure you dont screw the fans cause they always remember....

Lets have a beer and get this shit workin.... This torrent downloading is gay now took me 7 days to download a movie.. its gos from 30 kbps to 16 to 5 to 0 ... its sooo annoying..

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lol, no can do people, RL has taken over after my 6 months of being a lazy bum after uni finished. I dont even have time to keep up with my TV shows let alone be on IRC!! I now have 2 JOBS!!!! lol, anyway, one of those jobs is ending soon, so will look in on u guys eventually.

Anyway, thanks for the release, nice to see it finally went stable.

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Bah... some of you people worry to much. Can't blame you since you live in the US, lol.

You are so afraid of the latest build... You do realize that they could have signed a deal with bittorrent before 1.60 was released and only tell now.

I'm upgrading to 1.61 right now without any fear :).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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