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uTorrent is being, well.... gay?


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Have tried resetting my router sitll hastn worked,checked firewall still not worked, check my port forwarding thats all correct.

For some reason in the lats few days,

wheneveri open uTorrent, it seems to start loading up but has trouble finding seeds to conenct too has no trouble acutally fniding them, jsut connecting.

also if any of the torrents do find downloads, wihtin 2 minutes, each torrent downlaod speed decreases, back to 0.0Kb/s... and its REALLLY annoying.

Any help would be fantastic :]

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I had the same problem as you. I think a few ppl are getting this problem lately.

But i made mine work again by getting torrents from a different site and lowering the max number of global connections, enabling protocol encryption and unchecking 'resolve ip' on the peers tab.

Read Ultima's suggestions by clicking on the first link on his signature for further info. It really helps.

But i think the problem is the torrent... maybe just try getting it from a different site.

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