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New version of uTorrent has locked out all of my active torrents


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I was downloading one of three torrents at a time (I switched between them when they were acting up) for the past week and as soon as I upgraded, the torrents were completely locked out.

Every white space under Availability had become red and I could only connect to 1 or 2 peers and download from them at fractions of kilobytes (while I could upload to both of them at half my max upload each...in essence I was giving them everything I could, and yet I couldn't download anything).

Before the update, there were dozens of peers and seeders I could download from, and after...nothing. Every single torrent has died on me.

Under status it says they are all 'working' but clearly...that's not the case.

What happened? The advertisement mentioned faster speeds...this is definitely the opposite. All my configuration settings have not been changed...so I know the problem isn't there.

Appreciate any help that can be offered.

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'working'. All the trackers that were working before still say 'working' now, yet I'm getting nothing from them and no peers are appearing in the list.

EDIT: Wait, I shut down uTorrent and brought it back up. It was still red for some time but the availability suddenly changed on it's own. The peer list is filling up now. Guess it's fixed itself.

Thanks for replying anyway.

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