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Totally lose my internet connection?!?!


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I have a wireless internet LAN set up. My main computer is directly connected to the internet though and the wireless runs out of it. Whenever I start up uTorrent I have a good connection for about 5 min. Then for no apparent reason my connection drops. I have to restart my router and things are good again... until another 5 min goes by then I am back at square one. Now the same thing happens when someone connected wirelessly uses uTorrent. What could be the problem. I have it set great and have lightning fast downloads when it works properly. Any suggestions? I am all ears!!!

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I had the same problem as you. I think a few ppl are getting this problem lately.

But i made mine work again by getting torrents from a different site and lowering the max number of global connections, enabling protocol encryption and unchecking 'resolve ip' on the peers tab.

Read Ultima's suggestions by clicking on the first link on his signature for further info. It really helps.

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I think i have the same problem but on a wired connection...

I have onboard the following scheme of software:

Windows XP Pro SP2 (correctly updated) (firewall disabled)

Kaspersky Internet Security 6 (firewall enabled)

PeerGuardian 2

NetLimiter 2 (Limiter enabled and firewall disabled)

Router 3COM 3CRWDR100A-72 (firewall hardware enabled)

When i start using uTorrent since a few days seems to cut off every other program trying to access internet:






until now never met this kind of problem with any other BT Client or with the same uT, however the last software installed of the beginning list is Netlimiter, but never had any problem with it and the problem start with the opening of uT

BUT if i use uT and PG2 without trying to navigate or use msn, skype etc uT seems working properly... else it crashes sometime...

(now i allow 100 connections max every torrent and 130 max global)

The router also log the uT activity as FLOOD:

2007.02.15 13:07:31 **UDP Flood (per Min)** 192.**.**.**, myportforwarded->> 218.**.**.**, remoteport (from ATM1 Outbound)

Anyone knows an incompatibility with any of this softwares or are there any other possible reasons?

Thx in advance


PS: bead replay me your configuration it may be helpful a comparison

PS2: Excuse my english i don't speak it frequently

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µTorrent can kill wireless connections if you have the connections max set too high.

...or DHT is enabled.

...or resolve ips is enabled.

...or half open connection max is set too high. (even default of 8 may be too high!)

Often it depends on the quality of the wireless router/network card as well as how 'clean' the wireless signal is between computer and router. Lots of blocking walls and/or metal can seriously hamper the signal.

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I think i have the same problem...

when i start Utorrent it blocks me from using mozzila firefox outlookexpress etc.

its like it blocking their internet connection while utorrent is going on DL/UPL and so on.

When i turn off u torrent i can use internet as normal by browsing and reciew mails etc.

I tried some of the issues posted, but i cant find all the settings in utorrent.

Need help .. thanks in advance

PS: i couldnt even post this msg. bcuz of this : DS

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