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OK!.....Error!....OK.....Error! (portforwarding problem)


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I've suffered slow connections (mainly upload speed, my download speed seems to be good most of the time) ever since we had a technician come out to set up a network between this desktop and a laptop we own (The network is through the wireless router). Before he set up the network I didn't have any problems with bittorrents. I've gone through all the instructions at portforwarding.com and it hasn't helped.

When I test my ports, 1/3 times I get a message telling me that my ports are open, the other 2/3 I get the message: Error! Port 10001 does not appear to be open.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Can anyone offer me advice?

I'm using Windows XP SP2, my anti-virus is Norton 2007, and my router is a NETGEAR DG834G.

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