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Need help config the Utorrent


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I need help config my utorrent please, i have 512KB upload and all im intrested in is seeding so can some one please tell me how to set my utorrent so it will upload the best and fast way it can?

And i mean tell me step by step what to do because i tryed many things and non of them are good because the fastest that i have uploaded is 40kb's and i know i can go up to 80kb's so i dont know what to do...

I have win xp pro sp2...

Thank you for your help :-)

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O.k. i tried that but its not good because in azureus im uploading at 60 kb's but in the utorrent i can't get above 45 so can i tweak the programe in order to get better upload?

And how can i change the announcing time? i looked everywhere and found nothing about that option...


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