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ver. 1.6.1 not valid exe files (standalone and install)


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I downloaded first the standalone and received a warning that it was not

a valid exe file when I tried to start it.

I then downloaded the installer version and got the same message.

Both were downloaded from here.

Could you post a hash check somwhere so that we can check what is

received is complete and not corrupted?

Many thanks.

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Finally got a copy of the standalone that passed the Hash check (MD5). Had to use multiple tries

with IE7, Avant, Firefox browsers.

Server apparently too busy and terminating connections before downloads complete. (IMHO)

It has been in operation for a while with no crashes (knock wood). Maybe the problems are due

to bad downloads.

Might try posting the hash check strings on the download page so faulty prog packages can be detected. Also a link to one of many free hash progs.

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