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decreasing upload limit increases download speed !


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Hi everyone,

I just can figure it out.

When I limit my uploads to 6KB/s my download speed increases to 26kB/s.

If I set the upload to 17kB/s (as the speed guide suggested) I get lower download speeds of about 15kB/s.

It is as if the total bandwidth allowed for my connection is 32kB/s (both upload & download).

I forgot to mention that my connection is 1024kbps download and 256kbps upload but the speed guide does not confirm this, giving a 263kbps download and 196kbps upload.

Actually internet surfing is rather slow for such a connection and I don't seem to understand why.

Shouldn't I be getting at least 60kB/s even when simply right clicking and "save as" to download?

If anyone can shade some light?

Thank you

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