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Maxthon 2 Crossover


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lol savaden, with all the skins that you've released, I've really run out of praises. The professional look that comes with every one of your skins just wows me every time :) Keep up the great work -- I just hope you don't ever feel like it becomes a chore to make skins :P

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Yes. I'm gonna try to update the more popular sets of mine for v1.8 asap. I've been concentrating most of my free time lately creating themes for Firefox 3. Loads of time/work involved with that.

By the way, I wasnt able to double-post, but my FF3 set for utorrent has been updated for v1.8, if anyone's interested.>>>


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Skin is posted on 2007/02

Last request is on 2008/08

And today is 2009/07

I kindly ask the author not for an update for v1.8 (although would be nice), please simply REPOST (with non-external links) the "Original" (2007) for the rest us who are seeking for it since old skins still work on v1.8 and current links you've provided became Null...

Thanks... ;-)

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