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Linksys WRT54G .... any ideas ????


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I am a 'newbie', to not only uTorrent, but also to the inner sanctum area of my wireless router. I've tried Azureus but am now with uTorrent; and like what I see so far. I have thus so far, downloaded one torrent; and that is the reason for this posting.

While it "eventually" finished downloading ... some 13 hours ... it was very slow and I feel certain it is due to my ineptness in configuring everything correctly ... especially the router.

I've followed the procedures outlined in www.portforward.com, even with the static ip address, the assigned port number ... but the little button at the bottom of the screen remains at best the yellow collor.

My system is a satelitte isp, WildBlue, and my computer is a 'one year' new model also. Living in a rural community, dsl is not available; thus the satellite ... which is far better than the norm dial-up here locally.

Does anyone have any advice for this 'newbie' ... hopefully. I really want to get the speed up so that I can contribute as a seeder for others, as payment for the downloads I hope to complete ... far shorter than 13 hours hopefully.


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Wireless connections need to be limited to fewer seeds+peers than wired equivalents or they may overload.

Also, you may not be able to reach your rated download and upload bandwidths just due to radio noise, cloud cover (with lightning in it!), or even wind knocking the antenna a little bit off center.

So what's your link's rated speeds both down and up?

That's needed to know what settings even MIGHT work decently in µTorrent.

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