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Can't Download after update please help!


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Hi i am just after some friendly help!

I have just updated "Utorrent" to v1.61 and as soon as I done it all downloads and uploads stopped.

I cant download anything from private and/or public trackers, the only errors I could find are:

DHT: Waiting to login

DHT Status: not allowed

And Tracker Status: Offline (timed out) note this is for all torrents.

When i first started using Utorrent I never had to forward my ports and even if i did it would be impossible* for the following reasons.

My IP address is dynamic

and I have no router (Well kind of I have a "Motorola Sb5100" which i have been told is just a modem*)

As i said i never had this problem before the update. And on torrents with plenty of seeds i was hitting speeds of 450kB/s

My OS is "Microsoft XP SP2"

My ISP is Virgin (formally Blueyonder)

I have no firewall* (is AVG Free Edition a firewall?)

And my favourite colour is pink! :P


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