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utorrent leaving ports open after closing...?


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Hello to all...

Ive been a uTorrent user for about a year or two now and really love this program... BUT...


I will DL/Seed a torrent overnight then usually turn the torrent off in the morning so that others don't complain about 'slow connection' (GRRR... shared PC... usually resume all torrents at night).

My firewall does its job and logs all the incoming and outgoing connections (event_types, IP's, ports, etc...),

therefore I get this big list of all the connection attempts/retreivals and how many times each seed/peer (a.k.a:IP) has sent/recieved data...normal.

Typically I will shut down uTorrent, clear my firewall log (after a quick look) and reboot the PC every morning, just to clean it up for others.

The problem is that (after reboot) even with uTorrent not active/running and a fresh 'sheet' to write to, my firewall starts popping connection information into its log saying that uTorrent is sending/recieving data. I know its uTorrent because its the same port that I've set for uTorrent.

What the heck is going on... does anyone know if this is supposed to happen... Me-thinks not.

My system is secure so I'm not worried about it being a hacker or such... and Ive had this happen before so to reduce the chance of being hacked I just change the port... in uTorrent... in my firewall... in my router's forwarding... as you can see its a pain.

Is there any way to resolve this or is it a normal behaviour of uTorrent or BlackIce.

Any comments or help would be great.

client = uTorrent ver1.6.1

firewall = BlackIce ver3.6

router = Linksys BEFSR41 ver3


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hello, im with you on this one its really anoyying. when i shut down utorrent my network becomes saturated after a few hrs and everything becomes helish slow. the only way to redie the problem is to reeboot the modem so my isp allocates me a different IP not ideal really!

i use port forwarding and was wondering if it is due to me not having the right ports open to allow utorrent to broadcast a shutdown? or just poor programming!

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No, it has nothing to do with that, and there's no real way to prevent it (it's as Firon explains it). If your modem is dying just from some simple connection attempts, then maybe you should consider replacing it.

Edit: "not much else you can do about" --> "no real way to prevent"

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