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0 seeds showing when seeding


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When downloading I can see all available seeds, but when my download reaches 100% and status changes to "seeding" the Seeds-colums always says 0 (even if it obviously isn't the fact).

Is this by design? Is there a configuration I can change for the Seeds-column to show others seeds even if I'm seeding?

I haven't seen this behaviour on other BitTorrent programs and I've not been able to find a setting that would change the behavior.

I've tried to install uTorrent 1.60 (and 1.61) on three different computers and all have the same "problem".

Everything is working fine, but it's quite annoying that the Seeds-colums says 0 as soon as status changes to "seeding".

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How many seeds are awailable has nothing to do with me maintain connections. The seeds are still there.

It is good to know that there are other seeds when closing a torrent. Isn't the tracker keeping score of the number of seeds?

To state that there are 0 seeds just because I'm seeding is just plain wrong. It should in that case display "-", "?" or something else to indicate that uTorrent isn't going to tell me the correct number...

Your answer indicates that it is in fact this way by design in uTorren.

I've used several other BT programs and none has stopped reporting the number of availabe Seeds when I'm seeding.

If it really is by design that it shows 0 (even if it isn't so) then it is time to request a new feature so that we can actually see statistics that are correct and which other BT programs are displaying without problems.

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