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Disk Overload 1.6.1 490- Cache keep filing up if set on manual


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I did a update of my Utorrent to final version yesterday and since i am having trouble with it, First of all i had a message Disk Load 100% and my download upload speed drop to zero and then go to like 10 Kb (from 300KB D and 95 Up) I serched in FAQ and saw that there was cache config, i try to put it on manual and have a big Cache. I stated by putting 50 Mb and it was keep filling it and i keep adding it till 1 GB. and it keep adding it in speed tab and at the end whne i treach that amout again i get 100% Disk Load and the download nad uplaod drop to zero or very low. And the progress bar of Cach stay on 1 GB. and Then my system become unstable even if i have 2 GB of RAM. I dont know what to do ? I tried ot disable DHT and it seem to be stable for some hours and then it restart again.

A Help will be appreciated as I like Utorrent client and dont want to switch to an other ? :(


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i once posted to the old thread about disk overload...

you asked download speed and cache settings, 10/10 and default.

But some weird reason the disk overload was fixed on its own. It just bothered couple days.

I just completely forgot to meantion it.

But also I had odd event while ago. There was a "network error" when i checked it out, I noticed the port 33890 or sumthing was blocked though when I changed it everything was and has been ok.

If you have any idea what could cause that port block reply, otherwise forget this :)

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