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Seeding incomplete files


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Hi all,

I'm trying to work out a way of allowing incomplete files to be seeded. I have tried changing the download limit to 1k and upload to unlimited. However when I do this it appears that there is also some quite extreme limiting on the uploads as well, as if I remove the download speed limit the upload goes much faster again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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There is another way, though it seems very few people know about it.

Use Scheduler in µTorrent!

You can designate times to "SEED ONLY" by holding down shift while clicking that timeslot.

That box should turn light red/pink, and means seeding only will occur.

I've heard it will continue downloading whatever unfinished pieces of a torrent it already started, but will not start any new pieces.

I believe this will allow you to upload only on torrents you have not finished downloading.

Another way to do something like this is with multi-file torrents.

You could mark the unfinished files in the torrent as "Don't Download" and the torrent would remain active and only upload the finished files. This method still has a slight chance that a peer that's been on the torrent for awhile may request a piece from one of the unfinished files in a torrent that you've marked as "Don't Download". They might also attempt to download a piece from a file you ARE sharing but that piece overlaps with a "don't download" file. This too might cause problems.

Neither one of these methods is perfect. If you know you can only seed for many hours on end, it's probably best to just stop unfinished downloads and only leave seeding torrents active.

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