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I am currently running uTorrent 1.6.1 BETA. I have a DSL connection, with a modem that acts as a router, and an actual router connected to the modem; the computers on my LAN are connected to the actual router, which is connected to the modem. My current uTorrent port on one of the computers in the LAN is chain port forwarded successfully, such that uTorrent reports that my network settings are OK, and the green checkmark appears. Windows ICS/Firewall service is disabled. I have set up a DynDNS account with DynDNS Updater running in order to compensate for my DSL's dynamic IP; I have forced an update before trying the following. mydnsalias resolves to myipaddress when pinged.

I have enabled both the WebUI and the embedded tracker (bt.enabletracker - true) on the same port I use for incoming connections. When attempting to use the embedded tracker, the message "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refuses connection." appears in the tracker status for both trackers http://mydnsalias:myport/announce and http://myipaddress:myport/announce. Also, attempting to use the WebUI at http://mydnsalias:myport/gui/ and http://myipaddress:myport/gui/ both give the "Unable to connect page" in Firefox, but http://localhost:myport/gui/ works perfectly.

Any ideas where I could be going wrong?

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