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Hello everyone. I got utorrent about 3 weeks ago, upgrading from the horrible but original bittorent client. I havent found this forum until now, and i have something to say and a question.

Everyone is so helpful in this forum, using full sentences and real intelect. Seeing the actual faculty of uTorrent helping out here suprises me. This place is the most organized forum i have seen, unlike the horrible us.playstation forum i go to.

Well, i found this forum looking for the definition of "Handshake" in the statistics of my uTorrent.

I was reading through some threads, i just registered a few minutes ago and have alot to read and learn. I saw something about not seeding too much, and leeching and such. I used to download and not seed, due to the fact i like to organize and re-name my files, not to be greedy as a leecher. But this time i decide to keep my files the way they are, and i have [bLAH] seeding 24hours a day. its been 4 or 5 days ive been seeding. My ratio for this torrent is about to become 6:1, is that a bad thing?

Sorry for the long message, thanks guys.

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