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suffering slow speeds


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I'm suffering very slow download speeds i'm new to all this, this is what ive done so far

ive enabled Protocol Encryption,

unchecked upnp & dht,

lowerded my maximum global number of connections to 100,

Lowered net.max_halfopen to 4,

tried connecting using a usb modem still got slow speeds (had a green light with this),

the colour of the network status light starts of orange then changes to red (only had green twice),

the port checker writes "checking port 61175 on error port 61175 does not appear to be working",

ive followed the instructions on portforward.com and belive i did that correctly,

the speed test shows my download to be608kbps & upload 158kbps,

current settings are upload 10kbps, upload slots 5, connection per torrent 100, connection global 100, max active torrents 5, max active downloads 4,

im using win xp media centre,

i have panda antivirus & firewall 2007 & spyware doctor running, windows firewall is turned off,

im using a d-link DSL-G624T router not using a modem connection made through the router,

my isp is through tiscali im on a 1mb package the router settings were sent to me by tiscali im on a adsl line,

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