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Speeds dead w/ Rogers - please help?


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Hello - I need to start out saying that I've been a longtime user of Utorrent and have never had any problems with it... am stumped now and hope that maybe I could get some help.

My speeds have plummetted to a dismal average of 0.4Kb/s download.

Starts for these torrents:

#1- 16 (2345) Seeds 34 (5056) Peers d/l 0.4KB/s

#2 - 14 (5542) Seeds 33 (18920) Peers d/l 0.2 Kb/s (augh!)

up until just recently, I'd say until the start of this week, I would get usually min 25 Kb/s with a max of 175 - 200(not typical).

I'm on Rogers High Speed standard, cable modem. Speed tests show usually 4800Kb/s down and 380Kb/s up. I guess I'll do the typical run down:

AMD Athlon 2gig, 1.3 gig ram Windows XP sp2 machine

Cable internet with Motorolla VT2442 router

Port 12181 selected and forwarded w/ status green in Utorrent

Windows firewall is currently off

"SpeedGuide" selected the xx/256 setting with up limit at 28Kb/s, 3 up slots, 3 down slots

Global Max Connections = 130

Max per Torrent = 70

# of u/load slots per torrent = 3

Note: I use VONAGE voip phone service and find it necessary to use the scheduler and have to reduce my max upload speed to 10Kb/s during the day - otherwise my inbound calls echo like hell.

I have tried almost every recomendation I could. To be honest, I have not changed anything with my set up other than my recently updating to the latest build of uTorrent. My troubles all began just within the past week.

I've: changed ports several times, downloaded the lvlLord TCP/IP tweak and increased my TCP/IP settings from 10 to 40, and changed uTorrent to no avail, so I restored the previous settings. Also fiddled about with my speed guide settings, max connection, DHT on and off, and the lot of it.

It does seem as though my d/l speeds start out OK when I start the program - that is to say that within the first few minutes of running uTorrent the torrents pick up speeds but then quickly level off and decelerate until I'm stuck back at my dismal 0.4 Kb/s. I even had one glimmer of hope after doing a port change, and complete reboot of modem, router, and PC that my speeds soared breifly back to 100Kb/s to only once again nose dive back again.

I've checked my internet useage at the rogers.com site, and I'm well within my 61gig per month limit, and a tech support at Rogers swears that I am not being throttled in any way.

I appreciate any help that you guys can pass my way - I'm going nuts!


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I've heard that they've been limiting bittorrent for a long time now - for the past few years? But doesn't encrypting do anything to solve this? And I have been on rogers for years now & using uTorrent without a problem --- have they become more aggressive lately? and if so is there any other measures to take?

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Wuzizname: I don't have a solution for you, but I wanted to let you know I have experienced the exact (and I mean EXACT) same issue as you have.

I have used Rogers for six months now. I have never had a problem with them up until about 10 days ago. Not only are my download speeds lower, but my upload speeds are at 0.1-0.4.

I have made many tweaks and changed. I do encrypt. Nothing has worked.

When I call tech support, they say nothing has changed recently. I think they have gotten more aggressive.

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I found this in another forum.. maybe its helping you guys!

rogers throttling work around


1. www.secureix.com

2. register

3. get a user and password

4. Enter the 'Control Panel'

5. Select 'Network Connections'

6. Click on the "Create a new connection link"

7. Select "Connect to the network at my workplace"

8. Select "Virtual Private Network Connection"

9. Enter "SecureIX" as the company name

10. Select "Do not dial the initial connection"

11. Enter "vpn.secureix.com" as the Host name

12. Check the "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop"

13. Click "Finish"

14. utorrent port 1750

DL now FAST and Uploads working...

their server is overloaded right now and i'm getting some disconnects but upload speed went from 5kB/s to 100 kB/s

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Yeah thanks Wormhole. I did some hacking around last night and stumbled upon that answer too.

I've set it up using SecureIX VPN without the firewall (vpn-nofw.secureix.com I think was the url) and lo and behold... I really do not appreciate the direction that Rogers has taken, it's obvious that they are just choking out torrents and p2p.

Hope the Rogers cronies don't read this forum!


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Kudos to wormhole for this workaround for Rogers. My speeds are pretty much back to normal now.

However, my uTorrent is displaying the yellownetwork.png icon and wondering if there is anyway to properly forward the port for 1750?

Thanks again wormhole and anyone else contributing to these workarounds.

Edit: The icon is changed now.

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Helo, I have a problem with my uTorrent... I dont have any speed up or down, can anybody help me. When I ask uTorrent to check the port im using it says that it is closed, and I have tried to change prot but everyone is closed no matter what!!! . I`m starting to get desperat... So plz help

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I have been using utorrent for a couple of years now and really liked it.

Since about 1-2months ago I encounter great download problems concernin the speed. The funny thing is I tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked. I found this thread and I am also in EXACTLY the same situation. My upload is usually 0,1-1kB.

I read Access__ posting saying that BitComet gives him a good speed, so I also gave it a try. And: HE IS RIGHT.

It is a pity I have to change the client. If I knew what I have to change in utorrent I would stick to it because I like it better.

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I seriously doubted that I'd be getting better speeds if I switched to BitComet, but I was desperate (and still am) so I gave it a try. I was indeed correct; my speeds did NOT get any better. In fact, they're a lot worse than what µTorrent gives me. Perhaps it DID help a couple of you for some reason, perhaps not. But I can safely say it didn't help ME one bit.

The only chance we have of bypassing this new form of traffic shaping is if a new form of encryption was created. Sure, a lot of you are "bypassing" it by using SecureIX, but I honestly don't trust services like that and I will never use any of them. They're not too big on giving you privacy, either. So be careful with what you're downloading through their servers.

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