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All red!? /Used to work great until after the update!?


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All the torrent are red. This program used to work SOOO nicely for me, but now it just acts like a piece of junk.. I think every since I updated it now all the torrents are red and it won't function…

Bittorrent although it was allot slower at least it works well as I just tested it, but I hope I don't have to switch back to that!

I wish I would have denied the update.. I tried to delete it and reinstall it to see if that would six it , but it seems it just reconnects with old files or something or I can't fully delete it off my computer to give it a fresh start, because it appears the same as if I never deleted it when I open it up.. I figured before I just downloaded it and it worked great, and maybe if I could give it a fresh start…

I was going to give utorrent a good rating on download, but no wit doesn't' even work!

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