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upload taking too much


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Hi, im running utorrent 1.6 and im having a problem with uploading. Even if i have it capped at 6kB/s upload it takes away about 200 kbps from my internet's total upload speed. On speakeasy its about 350 kbps notmally but with utorrent on it goes down to about 120-150 kbps. How can 6kB/s be taking so much? Even after changing kB/s to kbps thats still too much. please help

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@namxob645: Measuring bandwidth usage by comparing speed test results before and during the running of µTorrent is not a valid method of measuring bandwidth at all, and that happens to me as well -- doesn't mean µTorrent's really taking that much bandwidth.

If you find your connection to be dying while µTorrent is running, then yes, you should try Switeck's suggestions. If none of them help, check for more in the first link in my signature.

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Is your current upload speed max in µTorrent set to 35 KB/sec?

Because using the xx/384k setting and then manually reducing upload speed to 6 KB/sec could quite likely cause the problems you describe.

50 half open connections is almost certainly a magnitude too high if you're only uploading at 6 KB/sec.

Even 80 connections at once (per torrent) can be a pretty big overhead to keep track of. Your latency can suffer even if your available (spare) bandwidth doesn't drop like a stone.

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Here's conservative settings:

Upload Speed max: 20 KB/sec

Max Global Connections: 60

Connections per torrent: 40

upload slots: 4

max active torrents: 2

max downloading torrents: 1

If you're interested in sharing a lot then set alternate upload rate while not downloading to 30-35 KB/sec. That upload speed will only be used if no torrents are downloading...so it shouldn't be as hard on your connection.

Now here's about the most extreme settings I will suggest:

Upload Speed max: 35 KB/sec

Max Global Connections: 200

Connections per torrent: 60

upload slots: 4

max active torrents: 4

max downloading torrents: 3

Also check "allow additional upload slots if upload speed <90% max"

Your half open connection max in µTorrent should probably be left at the default value of 8 or even set as low as 4 if you want it to use less bandwidth for constantly trying new/more connections.

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