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How long do you seed? And what?


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Ok, I am wondering which things you stop seeding right after you downloaded them and which you keep longer? Or do you just keep seeding things for a certain time?

Do you keep things seeded that you are uploading at a high rate? Or that you have uploaded the most volume? Or that have the fewest seeds?

Just want to check what other people do, because I can easily keep a lot of things seeded 24/7, because my home PC is hardly in use during the week, apart from the occasional 2-3 hours in the evening for gaming when my GF/dogs let me and where I can't keep uTorrent running, or an hour for surfing/emails where uTorrent doesn't bother me.

I just can't keep seeding Terrabytes so I need to select somehow ;)

Thanks for all suggestions.

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If (on average) everyone doesn't upload a tiny bit more than they download, the whole system fails.

However, you doing your part may not be enough on many torrents where people download the torrent really fast and stop it before uploading much at all.

So, if you're seeding a torrent that you've uploaded as much as you downloaded on and there's at least 5 other seeders and/or an availability (from your view) of 5+ then go ahead and stop that. Others can and are picking up the slack.

If you want to stop more seeding torrents, try to stop the ones with lots of seeds (or so many peers that availability is over 1.0) first.

Always stop fake, junk, and even misnamed torrents quickly -- don't bother uploading on them at all! Many people think a torrent is "good" (what it says it is + fast-to-download) just by how many seeds+peers they see on it.

It's best to reduce your running torrents so that you can upload at least 12 KB/sec on each torrent. (3 KB/sec per upload slot, assuming a default of 4 upload slots per torrent.) You can upload slightly more torrents at a time if you lower upload slots per torrent.

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I suppose everyone probably has their own personal strategy, when it comes to seeding.

If I read it correctly, it appears that uTorrent automatically stops seeding a torrent whenever the ratio is 150% or more, by default...? (Am I correct? See Options-->Preferences-->Queuing-->Seed While)

(side note, utorrent folks, you spelled "Queuing" wrong on all the menus... and there are lots of other inconsistencies in the menu and option labels. they need a good proof-reading by a lay person.)

Another consideration is: I know people who download stuff that they don't want to share. In that case, they stop seeding immediately upon completion of the download.

In my case, I am seeding mostly only my OWN content (content I have created and own -- our talks shows)... which I want to always be seeded, and thus always available via bittorrent.

I also seed some public domain content which I think is excellent... and I want to do my part to help spread it... to help the masses.

I have some questions for you guys too...

When you stop seeding something, do you typically just remove the torrent? Delete the torrent? Physically move the files to another directory structure? Is there any reason to save the torrent files for things you have downloaded and are not going to seed? (like for later emailing the torrent file to someone who also wants to download that content?)

When you initiate a seed, do you mark the files read-only? Do you only seed a COPY of your files, or do you seed from your only copy of it?

How do you organize your directory structure for the content, and the torrent files... to simplify things for you?

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I asked the same thing before, but also found multiple spellings, so I didn't bother pushing ludde to change it. I did do a cursory spell/consistency check of the interface text before while I was writing the user manual.

And yes, µTorrent shares to 1.5 ratio by default before marking a torrent as finished. Some people remove torrents from the list, others leave it alone and just stop -- it's a big mix, so you're probably not going to get a very consistent answer. Seeding doesn't require read-only permissions on the files.

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Well... I have noticed that by accident (by my own action), Foobar2000 (my MP3 player of choice) ended up writing rating data to some files I was still seeding... so they ended up partially corrupted according to the torrent. Setting them read-only would probably avoid that problem. It wouldn't hurt, that's for sure... but the torrent client itself won't write to the files once they're in seeding mode.

Hey, if you're feeling especially paranoid you could always seed from a DVDR... :D

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