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Download (and seeding icons) icons ar red?!


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Just a quick question for you guys.

What does it mean when the torrents' download and seeding arrow icons are red, not blue (or green for seeding). Do I have a proble, and how can I fix it?

The program says that the internet connection is fine, it has the green icon on the bottom of the status bar, cause I forwarded the port manually. I first thought it was from the connection problem, but the icons still turn red in a while. When I turn on uTorrent it's fine (D icons/arrows blue, U icons/arrows green, but after a few hours (sometimes even after 30min or so) the icons turn red.

Hope you can answer it and help me a little.

Thanks in advance!

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I have a similar problem in that for no apparent reason, almost all of my 131 torrents turn red.

If I re-start µtorrent they are fine for a while then turn red again.....some of them continue to up & download as normal.

I realise this can happen but that the tracker is not keeping track of the movement.....but the general tab tells me that the tracker has timed out on them all.....and I know that this is not the case on at least 57 of them, as they are on a site that I'm management on !!!!!

It seems to happen fairly regularly......

Any advice appreciated.


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You either have most of your (seeding?) 131 torrents inactive with no peers to upload to, you have one HECK of a fast internet connection, or you are using some really crazy settings in µTorrent that just overwhelms your connection after awhile...causing lots of connections (and trackers!) to time out.

You might want to double-check your settings in µTorrent...and verify your connection is running as fast as it is rated.

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Yes most of my torrents are 'available' but not seeding. Maybe 6-12 at most active at a time.

After you replied, I checked my broadband speed and found my D/L speed to be down to 25% of what I pay for........the U/L speed was nearly as fast.

I guess this may be what causes the problem?

I've been having a lot of trouble with virtual memory running out of late, and thought it might be a virus.

I've run numerous programs to check and found nothing unusual.

Maybe the memory use is also a factor???

It is currently set at 1.5GB and is running at 1.47GB.


edit....back up to 1920kb/s now.....out of 2mb/s.....was down to 250kb/s for some time there...

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I know µTorrent had a server crash bug if it was told to use more than 1 GB of ram memory for its disk cache.

Process Explorer and TCP View programs (both from www.sysinternals.com ) can see what's going on with your computer. HijackThis is also popular to spot unwanted programs running on your computer.

It will be a difficult learning curve...but when you see all that's running on your computer, you may correctly assume it's surprising it even boots. :D

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I have run Hijack this and shut down all programs in auto start mode that are not needed.

I have uninstalled all but AVG antispyware and anti virus.

I have NO firewall operational.

My commit charge (kernel memory) is currently running at 647M/1248M.

And yet for no apparent reason.....all my torrents in µtorrent are turning red, and the up/down load keeps going from normal to zero.

My broadband connection is at this moment running at 1916mb/s down and 179mb/s up.


edit...I've just tried D/L-ing an 'open office' torrent....That started blue....went red showing NO seeds and the tracker as timed out.

Now it is showing blue with a constant30kB/s download.

75% of my torrents are red.

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yeah....sorry kb/s.

I've already done the TCP/IP setting and it's still at 50.

I've reset to the Ultima instructions and nothing has changed.

My torrents have been red for 24hrs now.

I have been running µtorrent for a couple of years now without a problem....so whatever settings I had should have been satisfactory. Something has changed.

I'm going to try un-installing µtorrent now and re-installing.

If that doesn't work........I'm going to try Azureus to see if the same thing happens.....pointing to my system.


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yes...I've always had DHT disabled.

Disabled 'resolve IP's '

Half open rate set back to default.

AVG has been running for ages with no problem to µtorrent.....cant say that updates have not changed that of course.

When I get up in a morning, the torrents are running green and normal.

At around mid afternoon, they turn red for no reason. (protocol encryption set to forced).


edit @ 12.20pm...what is puzzling is ..... say I have 59 (2 active) torrents to the private web site, that I'm on management with. They are all green in the morning.....then SOME of them turn red, and not others....same tracker on all.

This lunchtime 32 are red and the remainder green.

Incidentally, I'm showing a green tick throughout.

edit 2 @ 15.40pm....now they are ALL red as usual in the afternoon.....still a little traffic up and down but not much.

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