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Connection problem?


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Firstly, apologies if this issue ends up being a speed issue, im all very new to uTorrent and Torrents in general.

Now, my problem.

I always have either the red or yellow connection icon on the uTorrent status bar. I've set up port forwarding on my ADSL router and i've configured uTorrent in my firewall. At best i _sometimes_ get a few kB/s download speed but generally it sits at 0.1 or 0.0. The status bar always shows the phrase 'Download Limited' I've got DHT Disabled, uPnP disabled and Protocol Encryption enabled. I'm on a 512/256 ADSL connection and have tried limiting my upload speed etc.

The Torrent im trying to pull down has the following stats

Seeds 13(25), Peers 29(1016), Ratio 0.576, Avail 14.998 - at time of writing

(is this good or bad?)

My firewall is Sygate Personal Firewall and my ADSL router is TP-Link TD-8800, I've followed the steps to enable the port forwarding in my router but i couldnt find any guides for my firewall but i've set it up the best i can (Set up an advanced rule allowing all protocols and selecting uTorrent application only)

So, my questions... is this a connection problem? How can i resolve it?

Any advice or helpful links are most appreciated

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For one thing, unless you're absolutely sure of how you need to configure µTorrent (and I highly doubt it, judging by your connection type and the Download Limited message you're seeing), you should be selecting xx/256k in the Speed Guide, and not random settings you might think are good. That likely won't help with the port issue, though.

Did you set a static IP up and forward to that IP?

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