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Is anyone here using "Broadcatching"?


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According to Wikipedia.... RSS + BitTorrent = Broadcatching

Are you saying that people refer to Broadcatching as simply "RSS"...?

Is downloading torrents... the PURPOSE of the "RSS Downloader" feature within uTorrent?

The "RSS Tutorial" ( http://utorrent.com/rsstutorial.php ) explains how to use the feature in great technical detail...

But it never explains... What is the intended PURPOSE of the feature?

What are people using it for?

How many people here use the RSS Downloader?

What are you using it for?

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Hrm, I've never heard that broadcatching term before. Probably because the only term I hear passed around like a bong is "RSS"... but RSS can be live bookmarks, news feeds... anything. Odd that the chosen terminology became "RSS" instead of "broadcatching". Sounds more catchy, that broad thing. Maybe it took too long to type.

At any rate, its purpose seems to be, for many people, to automagically download torrents of a person's choosing, e.g. like a torrent-TiVo to download all these episodes automatically when they're released, or this software/artist when it's uploaded... it's kinda neat, but I don't use it at all. I don't agree with the idea of downloading shit you'll probably find the time to use. If you can't be asked to search for it, why would you be asked to watch/listen/use it? But people do use it, and I have no problems with it. However it is times like these when I wish Ludde had just coded a plugins interface for uTorrent instead of trying to decide, completely, what goes into uT. I could do without the RSS downloader, scheduler, and search functions, but what I could use is functional UPnP. He could have left it to third party devs to do the RSS, scheduler, [stuffer...], etc... but ah well. Don't think we'll ever get that chance now...

Wow, way off topic. RSS is automatic downloading. Heh. That's that. :P

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I think the built-in search is kinda handy... especially for total techno-illiterates...

The UPnP function works for me... It works great... It doesn't work for you?

The application I have in mind for the RSS Downloader... would be to create an RSS Feed so that people could Subscribe to my show... and every time we come out with a new episode, it would download automatically... Just like it does on iTunes.... but using utorrent instead...

I'm not sure if there's any great advantage in them downloading it via bittorrent, rather than directly... but just curious if this is some technology we could benefit from... or not.

Would the RSS Feed need to contain links to the .torrent files? Or have the .torrent files embedded within the RSS Feed?

I'm assuming that most people are just using the RSS Feed from an index site's search results page...?

If so, maybe that would be the easiest way for me to create my own RSS Feed for that purpose...

Just publish the RSS Feed of the search results for "The Bruce Wagner Show"...?

Then, all I'd have to do is upload every torrent with that in the title of it...?

Is that the easiest/best way to implement a subscription Bittorrent RSS Feed for my show?

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FWIW, questions regarding interface elements and features are generally answered in the user manual, including RSS "broadcatching." Granted, I might have taken a more technical stance when writing the manual, but I was hoping that if people were unfamiliar, they'd (1) have started reading from the beginning anyhow, and learn along the way, as I explained a bit more simply at the beginning, and got progressively more "advanced" with the wording, and (2) checked the included glossary when they hit a word they didn't understand.

The RSS tutorial does tell how .torrent files need to be linked :P If you're not sure how the RSS feeds should be, I suppose you can always check out the RSS feeds for some other sites (I don't know of any off-hand, but yeah, they're around).

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You did a great job with the manual, Ultima. Your target audience was not the completely utterly illiterate. For the most part, your audience is made up of... at the very least... tech savvy... if not total hacker geeks (that term is meant in the endearing form).

The completely utterly illiterate more closely describes my audience. :D

And thanks for the (linked) hint...

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