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how can i save my list of torrent when reformatting my main partition?


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Hi all.. I often have to restore an image of my C drive.. for various reasons. Of course I keep all my personal files (including my torrents) on other drives that remain intact when I do the C-Drive image restoration.

I was wondering if there was an easy way of saving and restoring all the torrents that are currently downloading/seeding/queued?

I assume all this information is kept somewhere in the registry as I can't find an actual program folder for uTorrent.

I realize I could manually find the list of all the 'current' torrents but that would be long and painful. Is there another way?

Thank you

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There might be a better answer to your question, but I have three folders under "Torrent Files"... One called "Torrent Files for Downloads Completed", one called "Torrent Files for Downloads in Progress", and one called "Torrent Files I Created".

I have these directories specified in the settings set within Options-->Preferences-->Other

So.... I COULD remove every torrent right now...

And to restore all of the torrents I currently have active...

I could simply double-click on each torrent in the "Torrent Files for Downloads in Progress" folder....

and they'd all be right back in place.

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