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Complete Report of my Port Forwarding Issue


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Situation: I'll explain in simplest terms. Around the same time 1.6.1 was released, I replaced my old 30GB hard drive with a new 80GB one. This, of course, means I had to install everything the way I set the former up but this time including the new uTorrent release. I've always had that green circle at uT's status bar before, meaning everything is doing fine. That means that I did my port-forwarding properly and my firewalls weren't fooling around with anything.

Now, all I'm having is the red circle. That couldn't be a good thing, right, when I set everything up the way I did before. After a while of rechecking (and rechecking, then rechecking again), I began to doubt my self and memory.

By how I remember it, things were working just fine with this same set up! So I concluded that I might have missed something. I took down Zone Alarm and NOD32 temporarily to make it just me, uTorrent, and this problem:


So yeah. Port 53665 came out randomly as well as the other 10~ ports I tried and forwarded, see:


Let's leave that for a while. Maybe I did something wrong with port forwarding, since uTorrent's open port checker and another open port checker I found in Google said otherwise. So here's what I did:

Run > cmd > ipconfig /all


Given that, I have to set up my static IP. Thus:


I had to use portforward.com's utility to re-figure things out, because last time I did this was last all soul's day and I was tipsy. (Maybe that's why it worked, I dunno.) So here:


So I can pick one, right? I chose the first which is as the Inside IP for this setting in SpeedTouch 510.


Am I doing fine so far? I am not really sure. Hahaha. The result is the first two images, having the red circle. I believe I missed something here, something I can't put my finger on. It was a simple procedure back then, I don't know what's making it complicated for me now.

Anyway, here are the system's properties of the PC I use for torrents:


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Maybe a little off-topic, but your µTorrent settings as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) are definitely imbalanced. With only 10 KB/sec upload split between up to 9 torrents at once and split again between up to 8 upload slots PER torrent, that means you're only going to be uploading at ~0.14 KB/sec per person on a torrent. Were you typically running that many torrents at once, you're causing more trouble for the torrent trackers+seed+peers than if you just leeched without uploading.

You need to reduce the number of upload slots per torrent, as your current setting for that is just plain hostile...and won't help you in the least.

Your max torrents at once limit is definitely set too high for only 10 KB/sec total upload speed as well. To be fair, you really need to be giving at least 3 KB/sec upload speed PER torrent. You should also get better download speeds if you give 6+ KB/sec upload speed per torrent.

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It's just temporary, as I am checking possibilities and whatnot. Normally, my cap is 20. You do the calculations, the maximum upload capacity of my ISP subscription is around 30kb/s. Without capping, I haven't seen it above 28 kb/s. And when it's like that, I suffer.

However, I haven't learned that upload slots thing until you told me, now I'm setting it down. I wasn't aware, so sorry and thanks.

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Here's conservative settings with an upload speed max of 20 KB/sec:

Max Global Connections: 80

Connections per torrent: 40

upload slots: 4

max active torrents: 2

max downloading torrents: 1

Now here's about the most extreme settings I will suggest for an upload speed max of 20 KB/sec:

Max Global Connections: 150

Connections per torrent: 70

upload slots: 3

max active torrents: 3

max downloading torrents: 2

Also check "allow additional upload slots if upload speed <90% max"

In either case, if you're interested in sharing a lot then set alternate upload rate while not downloading to 22-25 KB/sec. That upload speed will only be used if no torrents are downloading...so it shouldn't be hard on your connection.

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