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new ver 1.6.1 is screwed up my system


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ok, a few days ago, upgraded to the new 1.6.1

and my download/upload suffered.

i am using cable modem, 1.6 downloaded at 500k and upload 40k.

now, my upload can never goes higher than 50K, and even if i set the upload to unlimited, the upload reminds at 2.1k/s.

i switched back to 1.6, and deleted all the settings(*.dat). NOw my 1.6 can't download as fast as before.

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Lord KiRon,

almost certainly your aggressive µTorrent settings are blowing your connection away...causing download and upload drop-offs.

What's the speed of your connection (both stated by ISP and measured by speed tests)?

What settings are you using in µTorrent? (all those shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and any advanced settings you may have changed)

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