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If my WRT54G blows, what should I get instead?


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I have a WRT54G Version2. I understand all the "tracks old connections" slow-down issues, and I could re-flash the router, then change the start-up scripts to fix the problem. But let's say I don't want to muck w/ the firmware. Here's my question: Is there a list someplace of WRT54G-like routers (e.g., 4-ish ports, 802.11g) that does NOT have all of these issues. If I drop in a different router (grab a netgear or d-link from work), do "normal" config stuff like port fowarding, does it all just work? I guess I'm confused as to the scope of this problem. Is it that most routers don't have the problem, and certain WRT54Gs are the bad ones? Or do most routers have the problem and only a few work OK out of the box? Is any brand better than the others for this particular issue?

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