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weird downlaod speed problem compared to Azureus)


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I was using Azureus as client until I found out about uT, after reading forums from both, I decided to switch to uTorrent, then I started to notice the dl speed tops up to ~ 50kB, so I did the following test with Azureus & uT:

- first tested Azureus, after 5 min, removed the downloaded data and switched to uT, did the same.

- used 2 torrents: 1 Chinese 1 probably US/foreign (I mean downloaded file not torrent itself)

This is what I found out:

- for US/foreign torrent, it seems speeds are almost the same between Azureus & uT

- for Chinese torrent (it's US movie in RMVB located in China), Azureus after few minutes, speed went up to 150-200kB, for few torrents, it went up to 1M, but for uT it tops at ~50kB

- Azureus seems to "discover" more seeds/peers (seeds/peers column shows higher number).

Anyone has any idea why the difference? I used almost the default configuration and limited upload to 55kB for both clients. Is there anyway to correct this or make it match Azureus, I prefer to use uT due to the following reasons:

- there's shut down feature after download

- memory usage is lower

- you can append !uT to unfinished downloading files

- Azureus after several hours of downloading and browsing, start to slow down windows (probably memory leak problem).

Any comments/suggestions are welcome.


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Azureus has a larger DHT network. Combined with the fact that peers that use Azureus generally have better settings than BitComet peers (which typically comprise most of the swarm on Chinese torrents), it's not surprising that µTorrent might get lower speeds for Chinese torrents.

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