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Control on the upload


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I've read a lot of the dicussions around having a way to control the upload, and a lot of them certainly fit in with something I would like to have more control over.

I download a lot and seed a lot, but sometimes I just want to snatch. I can afford totdo that because I have a high ratio.

Also, there are ccasions when I am downloading several fles at once, and one of them has reached 2, (the minimum ratio I stop at) but hasn't finished downloading. I want to be able to stop that from uploading, at least until I put resourecs into another file that I wnt to upload that doesn't have any resources.

So it's kinda like sharing the resources cannily to ensure that I get the best management of my files and bandwidth.

I think the programme is fantastic (especially for the price!) but ultimately it's success wil depend not on policing areas it sees fit to do, but on giving the people what they want.

Just my 2 penneth.

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