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Severe Problem, maybe hashfails?


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I have been trying to download several torrents and the speed is usually OK, but I encounter a severe problem which holds them back from completing downloads. It can happen on any percentage (not just the last two or three, even on 34%).

I have noticed that I have received about 600MB for a certain torrent, but only 80MB were actually completed.

This is really horrible...

I am using a windows XP PC, have two computers on my network (the one with utorrent is on wireless connection) and a D-Link DI-614+ router.

can anyone help?

By the way, I have read some faqs, and checked the DMZ mode on my router. it seems to be disabled.



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If you never seem to connect to a seed, despite reports of lots of seeds by the tracker...that's immediate cause for alarm.

If even when you connect to 20+ peers, your availability is still below 1.0, then there's likely a problem. With 20+ peers at ~50% each, either the torrent is very new or the availability should be well above 1.0 -- maybe even 10+!

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