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error resume file - no space


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resume.dat is just one of those tiny .dat files in µt'S application directory. its just a few KB large, so it is no space issue from THAT file ;-)

But if your hdd space really gets lost, like you claim, something else must consume it!

Some firewall/antivirus with enabled logging that runs wild for example?

Have you checked for incompatible software

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I have Kaspesky, no firewall and no incompatible software.

For example : I have 1GB of space, after 1 mounth not instaling/downloading I have the same space 1GB.

If I start utorrent, after an hour I have only 800MB and it keeps running out of space until I have 0KB.

I thought it was a virus but I run out of space only when I use utorrent.

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my computer - advanced - performance settings - advanced - Virtual memory

and then click on change and put my ram on d:

Are you sure? Most of the people said it`s not recomanded

I have done it, moved my ram on d:.

Interesting results :

before opening utorrent I had 774MB on C:

after opening I had : 771MB on C:

after 1 minute I had 773MB on C:

now i have : 772MB

24.02.2007 : 698

10X DreadWingKnight I will wait and see what happens.

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