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ugh I can't get pass 45kb/s download speed


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I'm on a wireless laptop, connected to verizon dsl, windows vista basic edition. I also disabled windows firewall.

Upped speed max: 16-18kb/s

Download speedmax: 160-180kb/s

What I put in utorrent:

Max download speed: 150kb/s

Max upload speed: 6kb/s

I played around with upload speeds from 6kb/s to 14kb/s , still no dice.


The main desktop where the router and modem is hooked up runs fine and the other PC (has a wireless card installed) runs fine too.


I'm guessing its the software, vista, settings... any idea's?


Okay, I'm beginning to notice my download speeds dropping to 0kb/s and then up to 45kb/s, and my internet connection getting interupted.

I disabled windows firewall too.

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