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µTorrent 1.7 Progress (updated!)


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I'm really liking the Beta release and development speed you guys got going.In my opinion µTorrent is better than ever.Keep up the good work everybody!

Oh and if you guys ever do a more formal beta testing program feel free to contact me anytime.In the meantime I'll keep posting any bugs I find.(There haven't been many of late=)

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Bug in the latest 1.7 beta found... by curious accident.

LAN torrent, very high speed, at least 5 computers running it (I'm trying to get the others started). I'm getting progress on other computers but no traffic being reported by the torrent on my laptop (the seed).

Absolutely no upload is being reported by the speed limiter (it's going full LAN speed), status bar indicators, or torrent details. Download is registered though.


I also seem to be unable to connect my single 1.6.1 client to any 1.7 peers on the LAN torrent... =\

edit: Oh... also... the computer's got two LAN adapters - internet goes in from wireless, then is shared with ICS onto the LAN. It could be looking at only one network connection...

edit: Another bug... I disabled read/write caching on one computer - the two default read/write checkboxes unchecked - in order to reduce RAM usage on a LAN torrent - and what do I find?


OMG! It crashed the system with a massive, massive, uncontrolled "cache"!

edit edit edit: Strange, it shows Disk Overloaded 100%, yet it continues downloading, increasing RAM usage like crazy as the HDD gets distracted by swapping, until I pause it and it writes the data to the disk... ugh. Attended downloads = SUCK.

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Afaik there is a bug with the cache that causes a disk overload as soon as the cache is filled. There is a trick to prevent this problem. See this post (make sure you pause the torrent before the cache is full. This guy had set his cache way higher then 200MB) and try it, tell us if it helps. Read that whole topic for more info on this problem.

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Lord Alderaan: Yeah, that's pretty much what I have to do to keep uTorrent from eating up every last byte of system memory automatically.

I found that enabling the cache - my bug is with the cache disabled which I want on a controlled LAN torrent - actually fixes the problem. I just decided to set it low, like to 8mb, instead.

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Can anyone help me I have ran utorrent 1.6 for over a year(no problems) and got message 2 days ago asking if I would like to upgrade to 1.7. I did this and now my downloads are running really slow never past 10.00 and have red download arrows on every download after a few minutes. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it everything I can think of and would appreciate some help! Thanks

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