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100% reproducible "re-checking" freez bug in 1.6.1 !

Lord KiRon

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To reproduce the bug do the following :

- Force recheck on one of the big torrents that was partly downloaded (let's say 7GB or 12GB already downloaded).

-While some other torrent(s) download (actually receiving packets,the more the easier to reproduce - not just download state).

This will result in recheck "freeze" in the middle of rechecking (in several attempts I made it frozen at 20% , 46% , 52% so no rule).

The second part of this bug is that if you "stop" the torrent with frozen recheck and use "force recheck" again - the torrent GUI will freeze and the only way to exit is to kill the uTorrent app.

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my cpu is a core2 duo e6700 so yes that cant be the case.

the antivirus program however sounds interesting because in another forumthread of this forum board someone mentioned spyware doctor 5.0 having issues with certain softwares because of some gui problems..

i dont use spyware doctor but i use avast antivirus ( and no spyware or firewall software )

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