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utorrent speed problems with vista home premium


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I just upgraded to vista and am having major trouble with torrenting... well, just about anything. I can't get above 25 KB/s and most of the time it's sitting around 8 - I use Rogers and I know it throttles, but on XP SP2 I can at least get to around 50, and if it's a good torrent it hits 150 and sometimes 200.

Speed test ran at 3539 KB/s down (?!) and 345 KB/s up, so I set to xx/384 kbps.

Port is forwarded. (green tick in statusbar)

Windows firewall is off.

Peer IP resolving is off.

UPnP is off.

DHT is off.

net.max_halfopen is set to 2.

peer.lazy_bitfield is false.

Maximum active torrents is 3, max download is 2.

Global max upload is 35 KB/s

Global max connections is 230

Max connected peers is 80

# of upload slots per torrent is 4

Protocol encryption outgoing is forced, allow incoming legacy connections is checked

(there did not seem to be any difference between enabling only and forcing)

Have already followed entire speed guide and set everything correctly, etc. No cake.

Any help would be most appreciated. I have a Linksys WRT54G but I've already upgraded the firmware to Thibor. Hence... stumped!

Thanks :)

UPDATE: Download jumped to 100 KB/s for about 10 seconds and then dropped back down to 20. Then jumped to 50 and is now back down at 7.

I've noticed it also has a tendency to not find seeds on a torrent, or find many less than there are supposed to be. For example with a torrent that's listed as having 27 seeds on isohunt, it only finds two and connects to both (so it reads 2(2), not 2(27) or anything)

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Nope it's not - I dropped the settings down to 256 kbps, so right now I have it set to 22K upload, and it's around 11-12 constantly..

... and now dropped to 5.7 lol. Download just jumped from 5 to 22 to 102 to 84 to 106 and is now at 70. So it's all over the place. :P

edit: i'm in a patch where it's fluctuating wildly between high speeds - I'll get one of these, followed by a patch where it fluctuates wildly between dead slow speeds. Am attaching screenshot:


Also - I did some more fiddling, and turning DHT on, setting maxhalfopen back to 8, turning encryption off (incoming legacy is still checked) made absolutely no difference to stability... in fact I found it actually increased my speed. So as it stands I'm at:


DHT on

net.max_halfopen = 8

Encryption protocol out disabled

Everything else is the same as the above.

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That 1 peer may be "local" to you, either on the same ISP or on an ISP not blocked by your ISP.

...assuming the problem is caused by your ISP throttling/blocking BitTorrent traffic that is.

Your upload speed not reaching what you set it to is very ominous. Typically this happens when it is set higher than the connection can sustain, the connection is being blocked/throttled by the ISP, or there's simply no demand for the parts of the torrent you have from other peers. If only 1 or 2 downloads from you...and their own connection is overloaded, then your upload speed may be quite low.

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Hmm, ok. The thing is, I think that's torrent related, because while I have other torrents that only stick at 5 KB/s upload, I have yet other ones that hit 50 KB/s upload. Also, recently while I lost that 'local' peer, I've been getting 22 KB/s (max upload setting) speed uploads, so I'm not sure.

Sigh... I guess I'll keep trying, or maybe it's just a swarm problem... though if that's the case, for some reason it seems to be my bad luck to continuously find torrents with swarm problems lol.

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