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seed time display


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I was about to ask for this myself but found this post, either a seperate coloulm or put in in the General tab next to Transfer you already have Time Elapsed: so i thought it could go quite nicely there.

appart from that I cannot think of anything that µTorrent needs as it is a very good all round client, It is all that is allowed on my tracker because it is so reliable.

Keep up the good work ;)

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was this option added? i don't see any column that would show "seed time display"

i'm using 1.8.1

EDIT: i gave a better look - there is a column "elapsed". there should also be a column, for example "seeding time", this would be a nice option

EDIT2: anybody?

yeah, i'm boring and spaming, but the new version is out, but this option isn't either there in the columns

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I dont think its added yet but I'm sure they will soon.

you can not work out how many hours or days were spent seeding by Time Elapsed because for example

If you download a large file and it takes 41 hours to do so then after only 1 hour Time Elapsed will still read 42

Hours and the same can be said for Date Completed because you maynot be online for a week even if your

torrent download was completed a week ago.

jollyb dont worry, It is not spamming to edit your own post. It is the best way to add to a comment

but post new to answer a question like I have here

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